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I offer a wide range of treatments, whether you are looking for pure relaxation massage to an Indian head Massage.



Massage & Holistic Treatments Kendal

Lakeland Beauty Salon in Kendal offers a wide range of treatments for all you need to feel to feel special. We will give you a warm welcome in a friendly environment where you will instantly feel at ease. We are constantly looking for new treatments at Lakeland Beauty Salon in Kendal so we can bring you the best massage and holistic treatments possible.

Our massage treatments range from de-stressing and relaxation massages to services that offer benefits such as migraine relief, detox effects, boosting immune systems and general relief with sinuses with possible hearing benefits

Lakeland Beauty Salon Kendal aim to provide a sanctuary from the stresses of day to day living.

Price List

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

£31.50 – 30 Minutes

Really helps to relieve muscular upper body tension anywhere from the hips, up through to the neck. Massage pressure can be discussed for your preference.

Warm Bamboo Back Massage

30 minutes – £40.00 / Full Body £62.00

Ultra relaxation & warmth felt from the bamboo sticks during a massage that can work deeper into tight areas, also very helpful at reducing excess fluid and cellulite build up.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes – £37.00 / Full Body £60.00

Ideal for people who like a very deep pressure to improve range of motion & reduce areas of tension. Helps with the treatment of trigger points and address muscle imbalances.

Full Body Aroma Massage

60 minutes – £58.00

90 minutes £77.00 inc scalp and feet

Also includes de-stressing facial and scalp massage, using aromatherapy oils to work with your symptoms. Generally best to have towards the end of the day.

Indian Head Massage

45 minutes – £45.00

Ideal treatment for headache/migraine sufferers and general upper body muscle tension


45 minutes – £45.00

Equivalent detox effects as a full body massage, but can pin point specific areas of concern to promote a healing response in corresponding organs. Boosting the immune system & energy levels.

Hopi Ear Candles – includes scalp massage

45 minutes – £30.00

Helps to relieve the ear canal of excess wax that can reduce hearing, or generally relieve the sinuses after a cold or a build up of catarrh.

Pregnancy Back Massage

45 minutes – £45.00

Choose from a specifically positioned back/hip massage to ease away those aches and pains and conclude with a relaxing scalp massage.

Pregnancy Pamper Treatment

75 minutes – £70.00

This includes a wonderfully relaxing back/hip massage and also a well deserved facial with scalp massage, to truly feel indulged and make the most of your time before your baby arrives.

If ever there is a time to treat yourself then this is it!!!

Drop some major hints about this treatment & pop it on your baby shower gift list.

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